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The following are articles of interest to anyone with a motorcycling interest: Tours and Adventures and Trail Rides down below.

What to Do

Stuff to do on Bikes - Chairman Vess can open your eyes and minds, read on.

Tours and Adventures

A 2018 tour of the The Western Isles with Vess and the rabble (Or, MikeA's Birthday party!)

More than a Tour, A proper Adventure for Georgina and Ian in Morocco 2014.

Glenn and Co. visit the WSB at Magny-Cours 2007

The Manx 2010 gets a visit from V & T.

Bill Brown - The 2016 Baltic tour is now up and 2015's Croatia tour . Goes for Sausages and Beer in Germany in 2013, for a Med' tour in 2012, a Gastro Tour in 2010 and took a Bike tour in New Zealand in 2006 - timed to match in with the ISDE. And also 11 European countries in 14 Days in 2008.

Jules, Cliff and Vess head for the Shamrock Isle for some Trailriding on Tarmac

I think Jason Bennett has won the competition for most miles per adventure.  9000 miles to Alaska on his Africa Twin. But Vess certainly gets the most hours continuous 16 hrs.

For a change, we have a road rally report. The famous Dragon Rally 2009.. - Winter camping in Angelsey.

I think our Vess' must like Spain - A trip to the Spanish MotoGP in Valencia...

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on... Alto Turia Riders! Well in 2004 that was true but now you get the 2005 version as well. Vessey reports on a 5 day epic Spanish event. 2004 2005

A Mechanic's Life. So this is what Ian Hannam is up to! Living a glamorous life style on the World Championship Sidecar Racing Scene!

Weston Beach Race. Ian Vessey gives us an insight on training techniques for the biggest single bike event in the UK. Read... And then the sucker went and did it again in 04 and again 05, 06, 07, 08

Julian and Clare's mammoth trip across Australia. A travelogue written by Clare Bishop as they rode 7000 km east to west using unsurfaced roads.  And No they didn't smuggle their BMW out as hand luggage, a friend just happened to have the same bike out there. Read...

To Merzouga and Back. Morocco tales of an epic adventure with Ian Vessey, Julian Bishop and Alan 'Taff' Davies. You must have a look even if only to see the photo's.  Read...

Trail Ride Reports

A trail ride up Limekiln ends up Extreme!

Xmas Trips: Ponterwyd 2014, 2011 to the middle and back... Wales of course, Wales (09)

We now have reports of Mixed Weather in Wales. Best grab a cuppa before you click on this one!

An Xmas Guided TRF Run in Devon (with vids!)

We sent some members off to North Wales to check the Rainfall Levels for 06. Here is their report

Sarn Helen Run 06 with Darren, Martin and Graham

A Day Out In The Park Beacons National that is.

So what are these French Trail rides like? Vess' tells all on his Trip to Normandy and it was such a blast they went back to France in 05 but this time down from the central massif to Lozere. And again in 06 but to the Pyrenees 06 And again in 07 and again in 08. And you guessed, they went again in 09 but to Morvan. (More: lozerebiz2010, )

France is not the only destination - The Latest Spain Trip in 2014 And again in 2015 for WG and CHG, With Videos.

A visit to Waleshire, as Matt calls it, Well some of Monmouthshire's finest lanes at least.

If you've ever wondered what Tom's Farm was like in mid Wales then read on as the late Jack Pegler gave us an insight.

Yorkshire Trail Ride. Taff took a group for the weekend to Hardraw. Matt has recovered enough to recollect what happened.  Read...

Bala Trail Ride. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs go on a weekend to Bala and the Berwyns etc.  Read...

Grwyne Fawr.  The highest legal road in Wales. The Last of the Summer Wine Club on a mid week amble around Monmouthshire and the Black Mountains. Read...

The Gap - Get the last legal crossing of the Beacons before it is closed for the summer.  Read 04 ride or 2005 ride with Rod

Also: We host a Trail run for Oxfordshire TRF and Trail riding in the Black Mountains

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