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A Trip over the Gap 2005

Words and Photos By Rod Jones

On a Tuesday mid September, a small group set off to ride the Gap ( it's open till 16th Oct ). Four of us started off only for one of the older gits to realise he'd left the bike keys at home. Never mind, it'll be quite easy to 'hotwire' it, was the informed opinion. Hmm ! Two fuses and a wiring loom with a pattern Honda never intended later, the brave decision was made to phone home and ask the wife to drive to Bwlch with the keys and buy a couple of fuses on the way. S'funny I can remember things from 20 years ago as if they were yesterday!

To while away the wait for keys the three clever ones had an hour in the nearby Black Mountain lanes and back together again we all left for a delayed start just after 1pm.

The stony track from Talybont Reservoir up to the Dolygaer track was as tricky as ever but our senior life member was quick to pick it up and get going again before the cameras could record his short rest halt. An interesting grassy section took us down to Pontsticill Reservoir before the short stretch of tarmac to the Neuadd Reservoir and the Gap road. An enjoyable 5 miles of good and sometimes rocky going took us nearly to Brecon where we decided it was so much fun we'd do the whole thing again but in the opposite direction.

No mechanical problems, all finished in one piece, just a great day out. Now, where should I keep that spare key?