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Haines' Test Ride Day 2011

Words: Anth Moore. Photos by Josh Allen. Video by Colin Jones

The 1st Annual Haines & Co. Gas Gas Test Day took place near Monmouth on Jan 29th, and from feedback received so far, was a great success! No less than 35 riders signed up, with many testing both the CC250 and CC300 Enduro bikes back to back as well as sampling the 2011 Pro Trials range. Six Gas Gas Trials and Enduro bikes of different engine sizes, worked non stop from 10.00am - 4.00pm around Old Hendre Farm, using part of the Enduro course and Beginner Trials sections which have featured in previous and future West Glos and Dean Forest Motorcycle Club events. The weather was kind (cold but dry!) and hot drinks, soup and rolls kept riders and the team of helpers fuelled.

Anthony at Haines and Co would like to thank everyone who helped with the day including West Glos members, Ruth and Holly for the food, Josh for the photographs, Gerard and Val for the excellent venue, Gas Gas UK for most of the bikes and transport, and all of the riders who signed up to appreciate that for 2011, Gas Gas is the bike to be on if you're serious about Trials or Enduro.

More information on the Gas Gas range can be found at www.hainesmc.co.uk and www.gasgasuk.com

Haines & Co GasGas Test Day from Colin Jones on Vimeo.