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Devon Trail Ride Xmas 08

Words: Vess. Videos: Vess and Mike Allen

A guided tour of some of the Devonish lanes.

Riders: Pete Neale, Rod Jones, Owain Jones, Anthony Moore, Mike Allen, Ian Vessey.

Two vans left the Forest early on Saturday 27th December, Mike's A4 van, and Anthony's Haines van.

The vans didn't meet until someway down the M5 thankfully which reduced the opportunities for any larking about for the first part of the journey (I only covered my eyes once).

The situation wasn't helped by the fact that no-one in Mike's van had a map, so we had to follow the Haines van. I think someone needs to tell Anthony that his indicators are wired up wrong.....

Rod Jones had arranged for our guide through his TRF contacts.

As a result, we had the cheerful and very knowledgeable Dave Muller waiting for us at the 'Welcome Stranger' Pub at Bickington which is the local TRF HQ.

Having Dave as a guide, allowed us to enjoy the lanes and scenery at a respectable and sensible pace, making the most of the daylight hours without having to concern ourselves with navigating an area unknown to us.

So for the first day we set off over Dartmoor in the bright winter sunshine to do the few legal lanes there before returning back south to the area around Totnes familiar to many who have done the Ten Tors LDT.

Rod also made an excellent job of sorting out accommodation at the Fortiscue Arms in East Allington which was about 30 miles further down the road. We arrived just after dark, drew straws for the double room, showered and retired to the bar.

Good beer, comfy warm rooms and great food - recommended.

The full english in the morning was excellent and we were all packed and ready for the 9:30 start when Dave turned up for another ride.

The weather was marginally warmer, the sky being overcast, which did make visibility a lot better.

I've not much idea where we went except that it was the area between the A38 and the sea!

We had a pasty at Dartmouth while Rod fixed his puncture - the one and only mechanical - and also stopped to look at the old tank on Slapton beach.

All in all an excellent couple of days. Cold but dry, plenty of lanes, great company, brilliant pub and a most excellent guide to take us around. Many thanks to Dave, and also to Rod for sorting it out.

The Videos

Here is a link to one of about 6. You can find them all by entering 'wgdfmcc' in YouTube or search from Vess's listing.