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Oct Trail Ride 2010

Words: Drew

Drew contempating the impossible dropDuring a low key run round the local lanes, we (Matt, Anth & Drew) came across this fallen tree half way up Limekiln Woods. Common sense dictated a turn around and re-route to the next lane….so we set about finding a way through.

The tree extended well into the stream on the left and had several heavy boughs across the lane, meaning any way through relied on going up the bank and around to the right.

All looked good until the last remaining branch to clear out of the way. With no saw between us, Matt assured the group that 'It's ash – It'll snap easy'. With the combined efforts of three wussy forty-something's the flexing branch was doing a good impression of an oversize archery bow, to a point where, had Matt & myself (strategically positioned on the safe side of the bough) let go at the maximum point of swing, the considerable potential energy contained within would have guaranteed Anth would have had no further problem negotiating the obstacle – his trajectory would've cleared the tree, the rest of the blocked lane and landed him some distance up stream.

This left a 6 foot drop as the only way through for the bikes. The 400 Gasser had no problem - with gravity on its side, followed by Matts new Pamp toy, and the trusty CRF. As you can see, not the most elegant piece of bike handling.

Good job there wasn't a worse hazard further up or we'd have been trapped between the two and probably still there now.