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'Two Champs' Jake

Words By Jake

(One of our local club riders who only joined a couple of years ago has been improving rapidly and is worth looking out for in the future. Jake Hoare has this year won 2 Junior Trials championships in neighbouring Clubs, (Gwent and Wye Valley), dominating the results in the Junior Experts class riding in the Youth 'B' group. We asked Jake for a bit more info and were very pleased to find this professional response. Now, that would have been like asking me to do double homework when I was his age, and no way could anyone extract work from me! ed.)

Jake's Write up

Dad took me to watch my first trial on Boxing Day at Cannop 2007 and I was hooked immediately.

I got my first bike in June 2008 and started practising. After a few months, I got a new bike and decided to start taking part in competitions.

I tried a couple of trials in 2008 and then entered the Gwent School Boy Junior Expert Championship in January 2009 and won my first trial.

I then entered the WVAC Junior Expert Championship ran by Clive and Richard who, as everybody progressed through the year, made each trial gradually harder!!

Both trials have given me the opportunity to gradually increase my skills and knowledge.

I have had great fun taking part in both competitions and have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and how everyone is willing to help one another when needed.