West Glos & Dean Forest
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Celebrating 71 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2024

Self Extracting Matt

Words By Colin Jones

Does luck just come to you or do you have it thrust upon you? Matt Neale and partner Sue had a big load of it drop on them.

Bad Luck - Getting stuck in the Forest's worst winter snow this year, Matt utilised local knowledge to walk over a UCR from the impassable Newnham to Littledean road, which gave him quick access to Soudley.

Good Luck - getting a lift in a Land Rover saving an even longer walk

Bad Luck - road blocked by a fallen tree

Good Luck - rescued by a knight in shining armour - well, Sue in Matt's Land Rover actually, who just happened to be stuck the other side of the tree and just happened to have a chainsaw in the back. Branches removed and dragged away they progressed

Very Bad Luck - another half mile back to near the roman road by wenchford and were somewhat surprised to have a tree decide to land on the roof, trapping them inside

Good Luck - Matt manages to climb out of a window and starts the chainsaw again. Matt self extracts and clears the road for the rest of us trying to get home and trundles and slithers off home

More Good Luck - Damaged roof, being a Land Rover, could well be cheaper to buy than pay any insurance excess

A lucky pair methinks! Now, how many of you are thinking like me, 'Matt has a woodburner fire...'