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Celebrating 66 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2019


We hope these will be of use to you. Some of these have links with club members so please excuse our blatant bias.

Bike Related Stuff

Western Centre ACU The Western Centre of the ACU is the local group of clubs organising events in Glos, Herefs and Worcs. If you like, our local government. We have an input into the workings of our sport through this body and they are responsible for assisting us in administering all of our local events. You will be able to read the Gazette online and see what events are planned plus obtain regulations and entry forms from their site.
The current editor is our West Glos Press Officer Ben Falconer.
haines_advert For all your Gas Gas, Fantic and CCM spares visit our website


or give our friendly staff a call on 01594 822 202.

We also carry out MOT’s, Servicing and sell General Spares.
WTRA Regs & Results WTRA's simple site to allow you access to regulations, results and event info. www.wtra.co.uk
Enduro News.com If you want to know what's happening in the world of Enduros then visit Bob Mullins' site. he has regs available and a good calendar.
Enduro 21 If you want to know what's happening in the global world of Enduros then visit Enduro 21's site. All Enduro disciplines are covered; Extreme, Sprint, ISDE, Endurocross, etc.
Welshtrials.com As we straddle the border with our members and events then keep an eye on events on the Welsh side. These 2 different sites cater for South Wales mostly.
TrialsCentral.com What's that thing they say about 'does what it says on the...?
Go-Moto-Bike Ltd Go-Moto-Bike are a bike training company based in Ross. They can get rid of those L plates for you and even teach your granny to ride! Run by Trials Rider Chris Haines from Soudley. Full details on their website.
National TRF Website


Gloucestershire TRF website.
The Trail Riders Fellowship are the UK's best authority on Green Lanes. Joining them helps support fighting funds that benefit all users cannot be too highly recommended.
LARA   LARA is the motoring organisations' Land Access and Recreation Association and acts as a national forum for the principal groups in countryside motor sport and recreation. LARA does not organise events or act as any sort of governing body, but it does assist its members in a wide range of land access issues: policy, practice and problems. If you want to know more about motor sport and recreation - how to take part, land access issues, planning problems, etc. - then either LARA or one of its member groups probably has the answers you seek.. 

Local Interest/Club Member's Businesses

Your Business Name here If you are a club member then you may put a link here to your business or related interest. Contact us on admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk (if anything on the linked site would offend minors then please don't ask.)
www.trunkarb.co.ukTrunkarb Tree Surgery
Visit Mark Harris' new website for the full range of services available.
www.bikersrest.comBiker's Rest Trials Holidays
New member John Luckett runs B&B and Cottage Holiday accommodation in North Cornwall with Trials Sections on his Farm.
Tons more info and photos on their website.
Contact John and Brenda on info@bikersrest.com, or tel: 01237 441611 07881 476669
www.intension.co.ukintensionlogo_209Bill Brown's company - Intension manufactures Engineered Fabric Structures. We also manufacture stage covers and boat covers etc. Basically we can make most things from fabric with high frequency welding and sewing being the main assembly methods. We can also manufacture ratchet straps and various things from rope. The web site gives a good picture of our work. Cannot compete with B&Q pop up tents mind! But certainly willing to help club members especially in the quieter winter months.
A4 Office Products Limited. A4Logo_3d_163x100This site has a fair bit more than your local office supplies firm yet is also local.  In fact you can order things right from your keyboard! Take a look...

(Those of us in the know will be surprised at the colour of this Logo! But then Orange wouldn't be right would it? Not where Mike 'A' for Allen is concerned.)
C.M.F-Engineering CMF are based at Ross-on-Wye. Run by Phill Hodges and Gail. They Manufacture Bike Trailers, All sorts of workshop stands, Parts for Classic bikes and if its not on their list then ask.
Garden & Landscape Services
RootOne LogoNeed new fencing? New patio? Not got round to cutting that tree down yet? Or does your garden need a complete overhaul?
If so, call Nick Lord on (01594) 835440 Or 07976916189 For a free, no obligation estimate. Fully qualified and insured - no job too small. Excavator work also undertaken. Licensed Waste Carrier.
Peter S Neale Blacksmiths A class act with all sorts of iron work! They made an excellent job of that one set of gates at Kew Gardens, have a look on their website!
Folkdean Balloon Printers Celebrations and promotional needs. Pete Smith can help out.
Lydwood Ltd Lydwood are CNC routing specialist and wood component manufacturer. Have a look at Nick Jones' site to see the range of work they can undertake.