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Boxing Day Trial - 2017

Words by Ed.
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No Entries on the day - You will pay an extra £10 if you enter later than the closing date of 19th Dec. - Late Entries will be available, if not full, until the night before the trial.
Or more sensibly, enter early if you intend to ride the event. If you have to pull out for any reason can you please contact Rich Gwinnutt and he can issue a refund.
This saves us no end of work and rushing around on the day and lets us know how many to cater for.

The Regs are now available on the right. Entries are open on the ACU website where you can pay OnLine with credit or debit cards.


With our mild wet winters we probably don't need to warn you about checking the weather for snow in case we can't get to the venue but it is still best to check this web page before you drive to the event.

Clerk of Course Darren Thomas and Assistant CofC Ben Bishop are planning another great load of sections for us to tackle. If we know we will have the observers in advance then we can plan for 12, or even more, sections at this superb venue. Any previous visitors will know there is scope for many more sections than we use, consequently one of our aims is to use the venue for our traditional September date and as a round of the ACU Western Trials championship - now imagine riding 3 laps of fifteen sections around here! or is it dreaming to have in mind 2 laps of 20? Of course this won't mean Stony Green gets ignored, more like 'enjoyed in winter' and on Boxing Day.

We have held the Boxing Day Trial at a number of venues over the years. Back when I was 13 it was at Ned's Top at Lydney, then Jerk's Rough at Aylburton Common then up to Bixhead. Has anyone got a set of results showing other venues we've used or can remember where and when? Yes, actually - Ben Bish remembers a few extra venues: The Chicken Farm at Clearwell, The Royal Spring at Lydbrook and possibly Fetter Hill. Anyone else remember them or more?

If you want to know what you are in for then have a look at what happened in previous years with the links on the right or watch some of our videos taken over the years.

Last year our valiant observers were treated to a festive card with a pleasant surprise to help cover their travel costs plus a mid-trial visit from the Hot mulled wine delivery service. We hope to look after a full team again this year so why not book in early so Darren can allocate a suitable section for you. If you want the big hill or one near the top to save walking too far with your dodgy knees then let us know.


Here are a few clips from the 2016 event. To view in HD you need to click the HD or Vimeo link to open on the Vimeo site.

West Glos. Boxing Day Trial 2016 from Colin Jones on Vimeo.

Entry List

There is also an entry list shown on the ACU Members website though you need to be logged in to see it. This list is not updated instantly, but it will get there and match eventually!

Surname Order

Last Updated: 19Nov2017 23:07

Surname Order

Last Updated: 22Nov2017 23:06

- Alf BENDALLWGSports PlusNov,>60Gas Gas 250
- Bruce BENDALLWGSports PlusNov,>40Montesa 4RT 260
- Henry BENDALLWGExpertExp,OpnGas Gas 300
- Joe BENDALLWGExpertExp,OpnSherco ST 290
- Fred BISHOPWGSportsmanY/DOset 24Jr
- Harry BISHOPWGConducted StandardY/DOset 36v 20 Lite
- Nick DRAPERZ1ClubmanInt,>50Yamaha TY 250
- Colin JONESWGSports PlusNov,>60Sherco ST 250
- Kevin MILLERSDMCCClubmanInt,>60TRS One RR 250
- Steve VENNCHGSports PlusInt,>60TRS One 250
- Aaron WATSONZ1Conducted HardY/DBeta 20 XL