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The Hayes Coppice Easy Trial 22 Aug 2015

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Words: Colin.


Slightly Less Extremely Provisional results are now linked on the right. I have awarded you a 5 rather than the required 10 for missed sections.

IF you can explain to me why or where that score was erroneously punched I will change the result. I am happy to take a photo of your card and email to you to remind you and let you see my interpretation of what you've punched. entrysec@wgdfmcc.org

We sure got lucky with the weather.


A little bird told me there was a Triumph seen in section 10 that bettered a 5! It was a different bird that told me the score sheet was published by brothers Grimm. However, I know why you might think that.

As I was there and saw the punchcards, here are some facts: Some of you interpreted the section's route to include hard parts to improve the challenge - raising your score significantly, some of you played with 'stop allowed' rules! i.m.h.o., some of you were so knackered at the end of the section you forgot to punch, or waited until you'd recovered a few sections later - you did notice the punches have different shapes didn't you? Much more importantly, most of you seemed to have a good day's challenging riding, regardless - Good.

Want to remember which section was which?


If any riders/parents would like shots emailed to them then please ask (we have more than shown). admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Dean Bines raises his back wheel ready for a tight turn.

Chairman Vessey drops in on the enduro line. Trials riders all went straight down - Why?

Shane Hillman is back on the case

Dave Jones away from tarmac

Ian Wixon checking his latest mods to the Triumph/Beta/Gasser!

Viv Jones says the suspension keeps bottoming out dad!

Jarrod Fisher stop posing and concentrate!

Glyn Fletcher defies his prophecy of feet down all day


Here are a few clips from Viv's headcam. You may watch in HD if you click the Vimeo word.

West Glos' Hayes Coppice Trial 22 Aug 2015 from Colin Jones on Vimeo.