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The Rockfield Trail Bike Trial - May 2008

Words by Colin Jones and James Wilden

The Thomases put on a superb event with most sections manageable for even the big barges to get around, albeit with a little paddling. They'd also managed to put in a killer section for us mere mortals (OK, I admit I fived it on every visit but the likes of Stan cleaned it!) But this did manage to take marks off of superstar Nibbs Adams on the (In anyone elses hands) unlikely XR400. It was good to see some new faces out and some very helpful youngsters out observing.

Susie and the gang had sorted nosh out for all of us coming straight from work so a nice relaxed start was organised where the 30 plus riders could spread out and avoid virtually any queues. 10 sections were planned with 4 laps and a timed 'A to B and stop before C' test for each lap. This of course helped clear the cobwebs off the enduro bike class who had been itching to open the throttle. A number of our regular riders had skipped our Saturday event as they had entered Mercian's Hare and Hounds on the Sunday but a few brave souls were doing both. James Wilden and Steve Venn opted to do both, I think both would vote the weather was better for us though!

Clerk of the Course, Darren had allowed a new class which helped some of our novices to ride an event which wouldn't intimidate them. This went down well and allowed the likes of James Wilden to polish his trials skills rather than his usual Enduro skills.

It was great to see our club president's son Rob Breakwell out and about after his latest operation. Having to go through endless bouts of painful physio he took the oportunity to excercise his elbow with a gentle potter around (Well, all things are relative, if you know what I mean!) Thank goodness he hadn't entered and was only inspecting the sections as a landowner as even one armed he would have blown most of us away.

As soon as the results are available we'll have an update... Well they are now. So what has changed? Well I was hoping to come last but still have the fastest test, but Nibbs nabbed the test. Damn! One day that boy will run out of talent and I'll be there waiting.

It was great to see Bill out on the Greeves Pathfinder as I hadn't seen one for about 40 years, ridden by Scott Ellis at a WG Centre Trial at Jimmy Simpson's if I'm not mistaken, and I often am! Anyway, Bill blew away my fantasy of it being the ideal bike for me (I was 13 at the time!) by complaining about the lack of power, but it was beginning to sound sweeter towards the end of the day. Perhaps it just needs to be ridden more!

James Wilden's report

Thanks to the Thomas boys for including a Trial bike class on Saturday. Not only did it save me having to change a rear tyre satuday night, It also gave me a chance to give the Montesa its first outing.

The first few sections were a disaster with me not having the confidence to attack some of the trickier sections. I had a couple of excursions into the hawthorn bushes that seemed to attract me, and as it was a warm day I was only wearing short sleeves (big mistake). After some encouragement and light hearted barracking from the observers by the 3rd lap I was getting the hang of it and managed a few cleans.

Totally enjoyable afternoon out, I will be entering the next club trial for sure (watch out for my unmistakable legs all over the place style). Thanks again to Glenn and Darren, and all the observers.