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The Old Hendre Novice/Trail Bike Trial - (Sat) 09 May 2015

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Words: Vess and Colin. Pics: Rod and Colin


Well that was a bit of fun! The showers the day before made it a bit more slippery than expected, but the sun shone on the day.

Very provisional results are over on the right.

We appear to have a few score cards missing - did anyone take theirs home? Email your results to chairman@wgdfmcc.org.uk if you did and I'll add them in.

Maybe a video to follow.


Lots of mechanicals this time. Batteries and Bikes decimated the Conducted guys with bike sharing going on. The same for Adults as Glyn's classic Montesa packed in and finished on a Sherco, Paul's equally classic mono Fantic tried to empty its clutch casing and Graham's Scorpa ate its chain.

Interesting to see a surname from way back in the club's history with a young Batten riding. Could he be any relation to Walt Batten? Also good to see some locals from other disciplines taking to trials with the Hollands from Enduros and Jones's from the tarmac.


This conducted route has lots of grip. All I have to do is keep the bike going...

That's easy for you to say, young Ollie, wait 'til you try the adult route we've plotted.

Somebody found some grip on Sec10!

Well it wasn't me, I've had to leg it every time!

Now you can see what they are faced with. "Who set this hard course out anyway?... Damn, I did." says Bren.

Don't know what you lot are moaning about. It is easy on my...oh dear, wrong bike!

Graham trickles into yet another clean.

Me too. says Paul who dares to try his more modern bike for a change.

These sections are easy - judging by this one. I wonder how my boy is getting on.

Wait 'til you get down here dad, it's a different world!