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Annual Sporting Review (of) 2012

Our annual Sporting Review was held on Friday 25th Jan 2013 at Orepool Inn.

A good crowd attended despite the afternoon's extra snow. Luckily, by the time designated drivers won the fight to leave, it was raining and left us with only slush to contend with.

Vess, Matt and Stan ran the show with support from the younger parts of the Cooper family, Glenn and IanB. Lambing and other commitments took a few of our top prize winners away, but as you can see, a number did make it.

Some of the winners are shown on the right.

The club were pleased to invite many of our landowners to the review. Lambing again made a few spare seats but our thanks go out to all that have allowed us to enjoy another year's sport for all. Here's to better weather in 2013 for both Riders and our landowners.

For listings of who won what in 2012, you can visit web pages of the events for results from our 2012 calendar. Note that the Boxing Day Trial is normally classed in with the following year (I doubt that matters as Benzo has won it both years!).