West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 71 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2024

Wyegate Trial 16th Apr 2023

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These are just some of the award winners and most of our club members but we have loads of other shots. We can email you a shot if we managed to capture you, just ask. admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Wyegate Cup winner Simon Welch Testing his Tom Welch fettled RE Turbo Twin ready for his first attempt at the Scottish Pre 65 Two-Day. It must have passed, I think.
Rob Breakwell - the 2012 winner on an Alp, lost out by by most cleans to Simon but won the Trail Bike class with his test time, despite being on a barge length wheelbase!
Ray Samways - Always a strong contender, lost out on overall second by special test
Martin Gilbert at the top of Sunnyside. The only rider besides Simon to get 25 cleans. It's hard to believe he hasn't won it yet.
A really good showing from Dave Cottle with 24 cleans and If it had gone down to furthest clean then Dave showed great concentration for 14 sections. Only beaten by one...
2008 and 2014 winner Henry Bendall only managed to pull off the best of the Bendalls this time. Nice line Henry, gave a much better line to get around that tree.
Amory Falconer. What a start to LDTs. He's played in many of these sections as a toddler while Grandad multi-tasks childminding and observing and now rides Grandad's bike in his first road event as he's just passed his test. Good job too, he's riding the Scottish Pre-65 2-day Trial on a rigid next week.
Andy Frost. Another first timer who was another 24 cleans rider. His special test times are always going to be up there.
Ryan Woodward - has to go down as Mr concentration with 18 cleans straight-off and even then never dropped a 5.
Matt Welch is the effective Pre65 winner as brother Simon only gets one award in the Wyegate Cup and made sure with nothing less than 2 dropped.
Ian Thompson picks up the sole 1st Class award on a well sorted Greeves.
Ben Bishop convinced himself he was going to regret riding dad's old bike but did more grinning than we expected. and found lots of applause for his antics.
Matthew Bibby won the organiser's 'Spirit of the Wyegate' award. I bet he did 'miles' more than any rider on the day.
Geoff Muston easily won the Haines & Co. Trophy which covered the growing number of Trials biased Trail bikes.
Andrea Cottle won the Female class and had a contender with Vanessa Ruck this year though she had to drop out half-way through.
2013 winner Joe Bendall was having a bad day right at the start but could not recover from the 5 and 3.
Ben Falconer is clearly back on form and 'Towing' son Amo around could be all he'd needed.
Steve Wallwin had a lonely day with no pressure from buddy John who was having to miss this year.
Nick Worgan suffered too many 5's but still managed to lead brother Martin.
Martin Worgan kept his 5 totals down to 2 only 7 adrift from Nick.
First timer Ross Truszkowski had a great ride round on this really nice stock enduro. What me jealous!
Alf Bendall has to be the world's most experienced minder. Although he failed to bribe buddy Pete Hughes on the first Graded Hill for a score better than 3.
Mark Christopher has been campaigning th X-ride in our one-Day trials to great effect with 10 cleans to show for it. Now to turn those 5's into 3's or better.
Robin Looms was helping out with course prep on the TTR but will be looking forward to his 1st ride on an ex-Wyegate winning Alp next time.
Sam King has tried 3 bike types now with wins on Pre-65 and good rides on Trail. Enduro is on the way though.
Ollie Alford is one of our heroes who both rode and Observed, unfortunately he had a mechanical after lunch and a long wait for recovery.
Viv Jones was another mechanical victim with a gearbox full of neutrals thanks to a stump jumping out at his gearshifter at Nannies, but his first ride was great fun up until then. And yes, that was an L plate on there. Almost looks like a blatant Haines advert doesn't it! What learner wouldn't want to gain their riding experience on this 125?
Ian Brooking rode one of only 2 X-Tracks around to a good mid-pack position and only suffered 3 5's.
Doug Mant got his 4-Ride round for a total 1 more than Ian but suffered 7 5's.
John Syms was a last minute change of bike and class but it proved a tough change with 18 5's



Final Results (As Version 2) are linked over on the right. If I can make such a major mistake then it has to be worth letting us know if you spot what you think might be an error or typo and we'll check. Checks will not be classed as protest. we'll let you know if you have to put in an official protest. Contact admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

The mistake - Sorting Ties to TSR23 means Most Cleans, dabs, 2's etc. comes before Furthest cleans (That's why it is really important with multi lap one-day trials that we record where each class start from and that they are performed in order.) and only then will it be decided by the specials test/s. My database was sorting ties in Class order and didn't account for the Wyegate Cup needing to be in Overall order and only for classes A and C. So Simon had 25 cleans and Rob and Ray had 24 so it was down to Special Test times only for Rob and Ray. And just to be clear, absolutely nobody put in a protest or even mentioned or seemed to notice my mistake. I spotted it. Rob's already talking about next year, so another win is still on the cards.

Watch this page for Pics and video links and Snippets we've picked up on the way.

What's your next LDT? Neath's Fred Rist 2Jul2023 opened entries just before the Wyegate and are closing on 30April. They've achieved their minimum 50 Riders, looks like there'll be about 10 West Glos riders going over so far and they were at 68 last time I looked so please enter NOW. Very much worth the effort of travelling to Neath. Link to Fred Rist entry page (You may need to login).


Ben's Press Report

First run in 1983, the Wyegate Long Distance Trial returned to the Wye Valley after a break of three years and 90 riders supported one of the best-ever editions of this classic event.

A 90 mile route with 27 observed sections plus a time test included some ancient byways and lanes, many of which have claimed marks and the respect of riders over the years – Pant-glas steps, Craig-y-Master, Nannies Lane, Nant-y-banw, and Sunnyside to name a handful.

Trail Bike winner and second overall Rob Breakwell lost an early 2 at section three in the first group of sections at Pingry Lane just outside Coleford, as did third overall and second trailbike Ray Samways, and again they both needed dabs at the gully in New House farm. Samways cracked first with a dab at Pant-glas 2, then Breakwell returned the favour with a dab on the penultimate section at Mork Hill.

Just across the valley however, Breakwell, unaware of his tie break win due to furthest travelled with lowest score proceded to ensure his class win with a scintillating special test time which as a tie-breaker would have won him the Wyegate Cup, again. Third trailbike rider Martin Gilbert only lost marks on two sections but a 2 and a 3 meant he was out of the running for the win.

The stories of the day belonged to the small Pre 65 class which was headed by Overall and Wyegate Cup Winner Simon Welch who pipped his brother Matthew to second in class. Ian Thompson had a great ride for 11 marks lost, followed by Ben Bishop on his late father Julian's 350 Royal Enfield Bullet. Ben used the bike in the way that Julian would have approved – flat out up the final graded hill was an impressive performance.

Matthew Bibby rode his BSA C15 all the way from his home, rode the event and rode home, and Keith Samms bravely got his James 197 around the course with the assistance of a team of backmarkers, who had a tough but entertaining day.

Given the proliferation of long ride kits for trials bikes, an "other bikes" class was headed up by Geoff Muston aboard one of 11 Montesa 4Rides, with Martyn Goodall second on a TRS X-Track.

Sixteen retirements proved that this event is tough on bike and rider but all finishers were rewarded with a great day out in the Wye Valley with a pint, and a complementary hot pie at the end.

The club would like to thank the many landowners, and almost 50 volunteer officials who made the event possible. The Wyegate has been beaten by Covid and Foot and Mouth in the past but it returned as good as ever and will be back next year.

Ben Falconer - WG Press Officer


Clerk of the Course says (Prior to)

Plans are well underway for the 2023 Wyegate. We have managed to get a permit through the new ACU system and are just waiting on route approval from Monmouthshire County Council. The route is a traditional Wyegate, around ninety miles, using as many green lanes as possible including all the favourites:Pant-Glas, Sunnyside, Craig-y-Master, Nannies, all looking harder to ride than ever before. We have got the garage at Llantrisant to open up for us as our fuel stop at half way, many older riders will remember we always used this garage in the past.

Having supported the ACU Trail Bike Championship for several years, with its passing we will be reverting to a one-route-for-all course with the aim of keeping all sections simple. The natural sections mentioned above will prove challenging enough!

We have debated long and hard over what entry system to use. For about the last ten years we have used the ACU online entry system which has worked very well and reduced the workload of our Entry Secretary. However, with the new ACU Sport 80 system there have been many problems as you will all be aware so we have looked at alternatives including going back to the original paper and cheque entries. But our hard working behind the scenes tech team have decided to stick with the ACU online entry system, mainly because it makes certain all riders have an ACU licence. Let's hope it works! Hopefully entries will open on March 7th.

Ian Wixon, Clerk of Course.



Thanks to our chief Marshal, Guy Calderwood, for taking on the unenviable task and he and All of us, including the riders, thank the many Marshals who came from far and wide to provide a great service for us and get a ton of free entertainment for themselves!



Simon now joins an exclusive club of those able to win on a Pre 65. Jim Delahay started the trend in 1983 on his, only recently sold, 1963 Greeves 24 TES 250 then Adrian Moss in 1986 then Tony Davis in 1989 then Steve Grindle in 2004. It would be quite a feat to do it on a long wheel base Enduro bike. I could be wrong but I think Nibbs Adams on the XR400 is the only one - to date. You were so near Rob!

You may have spotted that we've allocated the 'Spirit of the Wyegate' award, an unofficial award, to Matthew Bibby, a newcomer to the event, because he epitomised the intention of the original Wyegate back in 1983 where we aimed the event at Bikes that could be used for everything. We heard from our sources at the Land's End Trial the week before that he'd ridden that and a trial the next day and rode from his home in the midland down to the Forest, ridden the Trial, did a bit of fettling then rode back home again. Now that was the type of rider and Trail Bike that we aimed the Wyegate at, just that Matthew's bike also happened to be a Pre 65 as well. Now that is a Motorcyclist!

Vanessa Ruck had a last minute bike change that certainly challenged her sense of adventure. From Trials bias to Rally bias on the Husqvarna with its superb navigation aids. Still recovering from injury she dropped out at the halfway stage, possibly with the benefit of local knowledge of what she was in for at Sunnyside, Nannies and Pant-glas to come. Have a look at some of the amazing adventures she's been on on her website Thegirlonabike.com you'll see she's very capable.

Andrea Cottle had another of her many Female class wins. Consistency pays and being able to finish a really long day at the handlebars is the only way to win your class of course. There are many more females coming through the Trials training that YDS provide so Andrea could have some more company in the future.

The Neath club, who run the Fred Rist LDT, had a very capable team riding but Glyn Moses had 2 disaster sections that pushed him off a 1st class award and they must have chosen the wrong line at the surprisingly hardest section in the trial, 19 Nant-y-banw. Both Glyn and Marcus 5'd where Rist Entry Sec Pete Joseph was one of only 11 cleans on this section. Pete should be smiling about that as well as for now having more than the required 50 entries to ensure the Rist goes ahead.

The Wyegate is often considered a Family affair but this year takes the biscuit. The Falconers, who have been and still are major players in the ACU Western area with Grandad Tony who's Centre President and one of our Observers and persuader of Grandson Amory who's just passed his test. Amo's dad is Western Centre's website editor. Amory rode Grandad's Pampera 250 to a superb ride marred by 2 dopeys, a 2 in the water of Tregare and a 5 on the evil Nant-y-banw (have you all learnt to pronounce it yet?) Both of which his dad Ben cleaned, as parents do, just to wind you up! 'If only' is going through a number of Amo's fellow 1st Class award winner's minds, including another newcomer Andy Frost with 2 messed up sections and a good enough test time to get 3rd 18.49 if there was a tie. (Did you notice that Rob did his absolute damnedest to make sure he'd win any tie decider too 18.14 secs.) Perhaps the 8 hours plus riding day makes it hard to keep focus.


Section Statistics

SectionScore IncidenceTot
No.0123510MarksSec. NameAvg
Trail Bike
13612594069Pingry 11.05
2129817200176Pingry 22.67
31321229100163Pingry 32.47
43010312100102Pingry 41.57
54112109080Forge Wood 11.27
64250511075Forge Wood 21.19
734111107078Lords Grove 11.24
8234519120131Lords Grove 22.08
938120310071Lords Grove 31.13
104031513085Village Farm1.37
11203512220159New House Farm 12.56
1213672880144New House Farm 22.32
134424121051The Graig0.81
1462001003Jacob's Ladder0.05
20348237056Craig-y-master 11.04
21461214028Craig-y-master 20.52
23128317111130Pant-glas Steps 12.35
2420120145189Pant-glas Steps 21.55
272410666180Forge Wood 31.35
Rte Tot:79418083278258725401.55
Other Bikes
181053031Pingry 11.82
213373045Pingry 22.65
330374047Pingry 32.76
475221020Pingry 41.18
5112103019Forge Wood 11.12
6112013020Forge Wood 21.18
791133027Lords Grove 11.59
841192040Lords Grove 22.35
972314031Lords Grove 31.82
10102014025Village Farm1.47
1171036040New House Farm 12.35
12301121043New House Farm 22.53
13102410013The Graig0.76
1417000000Jacob's Ladder0
2080036039Craig-y-master 12.29
21130031014Craig-y-master 20.82
2340085049Pant-glas Steps 12.88
2442182038Pant-glas Steps 22.24
2717054042Forge Wood 32.47
Rte Tot:18342311089419081.96
15000105Pingry 10.83
221111011Pingry 21.83
330021011Pingry 31.83
440002010Pingry 41.67
54010107Forge Wood 11.17
65000105Forge Wood 20.83
75000105Lords Grove 10.83
830111010Lords Grove 21.67
95000105Lords Grove 30.83
104100106Village Farm1
115000105New House Farm 10.83
1213011011New House Farm 21.83
134101004The Graig0.67
145001003Jacob's Ladder0.5
2040002010Craig-y-master 11.67
213200107Craig-y-master 21.17
2310203019Pant-glas Steps 13.17
243101109Pant-glas Steps 21.5
273110108Forge Wood 31.33
Rte Tot:96136153202301.42

Now let's have a look at the trends.

Gas Gas15
Royal Enfield3

And who's got the most Club representatives?

West Glos & Dean Forest MCC20
Trail Riders Fellowship5
Neath Motor Club5
Cheltenham Home Guard MCC4
The Motor Cycling Club4
North Somerset Motorsports Club4
Stroud Valley AC4
Mendip Vale MC & LCC4
Swindon + District MCC3
Eastbourne & District MCC3
Leamington Victory MC & LCC3
Normandy MCC2
Milton Buzzard MCC2
Gloucester & Cotswold2
Bridport & Weymouth MCC2
Kingswood MCC2
Thames MCC2
West of England Motor Club2
Waltham Chase Trials MCC2
Sidcup & District MCC2
Yeo Vale MCC2
Blood Bike Wales1
Devonport & District MCC1
Earl Shilton Trials Club1
Vintage Motor Cycle Club1
Oxford Ixion MCC1
Stratford on Avon MCC1
Macclesfield Trials Club1
Manchester 17 MCC1
Rogershill Off Road Events1
Ripon MC Ltd.1
Reigate & Redhill North Downs MCC1
ACU Limited1
Taunton MCC1