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Wyegate Trial 2022

Hopefully a Round or two! of the ACU Trail Bike Championship ??th Apr 2022

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Ok, so you spotted the Cancelled bit from 2021 - here is the BUT... We could have double the fun in 2022!

The club discussed ways of coping with the disappointment and our intrepid Secretary and often Wyegate CofC Ian Wixon suggested 'lets do a 2-Day again!' There was a slight pause in the proceedings while jaws were lifted back up and memories of 2008 (25th anniversary) flashed through some very experienced Wyegate team member's minds, trying to decide whether this was going to be pain or pleasure. Eventually the room started to warm to the idea with discussions about 'could it be a championship round if it was a 2-day?' or 'should it be 2 separate rounds', or many other variations. So there is a lot to be decided! Watch this space...


The ACU Trail Bike Championship

If the ACU are able to sanction a championship then we will apply to run a round/s, but that is only going to happen if we can actually run the event.