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Wyegate Trial 2019

Round 2 of the ACU Trail Bike Championship 28 Apr 2019

Class winner and 4th overall Matt Welch cleans Craig-Y-Master 1 in front of Wyegate Cup winner Chris Koch.

Latest Update: Final Results are now available from the link on the right. And the video is now showing.

Ben's Press Report

Title leader Chris Koch extended his lead in the second round of the ACU Trailbike Trials Championship staged by West Glos & Dean Forest MCC.

The Sherco X-Ride rider's efforts weren't derailed by a tyre problem in the final group of sections in the 35th running of the annual Wyegate Long Distance Trial, but it was a close battle for the podium positions between him, championship second place holder Martin Gilbert and Michael Hughes.

There were only two sections that the North East London MCC rider couldn't clean, compared to Devon rider Gilbert and local man Hughes, who both lost marks on four sections each.

Koch got off to a great start on a section which was the same for championship and non-championship riders, a tricky twist across the ruts of Devauden. Observer Andrew Moore saw only one clean, from Koch, who exited on the back wheel. Course closer Ben Bishop later proved that speed was key with a rapid 'clean' aboard his enduro machine. The next best performance here was by KTM EXC 250-mounted Ian Worrall, who blasted out for a dab, and recorded a very impressive sixth place amongst trail machinery better suited to tighter sections.

Press Officer Ben risks the drop to get more turning room at Clare's Coed Llifos 2.

There was one championship section which remained uncleaned, at Nant-y-Banw, straight after the lunch control. Koch worked the X-Ride over a large tree trunk for a dab - the same as Worrall lost – but Hughes and Gilbert took three each.

The hillclimb in French Lane took a pair off Hughes, pushing him down from second to third. The trial has been running since 1983 and contained many old – and feared – sections including Pant Glas steps and Devil's Staircase. The latter has not featured as an uphill section in the Wyegate Trial for approximately 20 years and clerk of the course Rod Jones routed just the championship riders through two tight, twisty and steep rocky gully sections - only three riders cleaned both subs.

The event is not limited to trail and enduro bikes, and Matthew Welch went one better than last year to take best pre 65 victory aboard a Royal Enfield Crusader ahead of the Raw Sports Posse of Steve Grindle, Ben Bowkett and Sam King. Steve Wallwin took victory in the non-championship class which featured around half a dozen easier sections, just ahead of rider/observer Nick Worgan who coaxed his 300 KTM around for 12 marks lost.

The club wishes to thank landowners and volunteer officials who made sure the event ran smoothly.


Riders Say

Richard Mumford: Would like to thank you again for a great day out at the Wyegate 2019 It was my second one and maybe not the last.

Rich Beale: Thanks for a great LDT, loved it!

Andy Foot: Excellent Wyegate by the way, that style of road book is so easy to use. See you next year.

Ryan & Mark Woodward: Many thanks for the event Sunday, mine and my dads 1st wyegate. Most enjoyable.

Chris Koch: Loved the course this year, going up devil's staircase was the pinnacle.

Ian Thompson: Thanks to all at WGDFMCC for another brilliant Wyegate. The later date proved to be a good move with near perfect climatic conditions. After all the commotion and anxiety around the timing rules, their implementation turned out to be no more onerous than in any other trial where time controls are used. We arrived very early at both controls and we aren't the quickest.

Steve Kenny: Can I just say what a outstanding event you guys put on yesterday. After 40 years of riding it was faultless, the other two that came down from Derbyshire agreed. Well done and thank you.

Matthew Welch: I must say it was a great day and I thought the time limit didn't take anything away from the event...if anything it added another element to it from a competitor point of view, which I thought made it even more interesting...congrats to all involved.



Many of you will have spotted the pre-trial dilemma around including Limekiln in the route as there had been a landslip in the winter causing the council to issue a TRO. Those of us who are TRF members will have spotted TRF and Wyegate first timer Kelvin Varney's article in the fellowship's Summer Trail issue, their magazine. For those not yet members, Kelvin has allowed us to re-publish his text here. Read it here - Limekiln Repair 2019

Which of the many factors actually did the trick to make everything flow so well this year? Was it the only one a minute? Was it the extra marshal power where it was difficult to extract a stopped bike? Was it the time element giving just that extra awareness of maintaining progress? Was it the Lunch break giving you a second breath? Or, was it the simple fact we had less riders to contend with?

For many years we had used the Special Test as the sole tie decider, that was when we ran the event as a closed to club. You may have noticed that since we finally went National that we stick strictly to the ACU's TSR23. This year, with the introduction of time penalties, there is another level that will be slotted in the sequence before we get to Special test times. For those who still can't be bothered to open up their physical or digital handbook, it goes like this: Most Cleans wins then most dabs, Twos's and Threes, then furthest travelled with least lost (A dab on sec 5 beats a 2 on sec 5.) Then, the new one, Least Time penalties and only then Fastest Test times. If we didn't have a test then they years when we get more than one clean sheet can't be decided.

Speaking of Ties - Apologies that I haven't reprogrammed the results yet so that Ties are sorted in order. For now just remember that more beats less on these results.

Before the event we emailed out info with examples about how the timing is supposed to work, this was on a sheet with examples of how you might lose points. The full list of sections and expected times of arrival were listed and identification of the 3 checks where you could lose time. A number of riders asked for this but, as usual, it doesn't please everyone, 'too confusing', I heard. The alternative was we send you nothing and let you find out on the day. We expected nobody to get penalised! if all went well. The two checks were supposed to be acting like a deterent. I say 2 because you always have a start time so that doesn't count. And very often there is an overall time limit. If you look at our overall times then you have 7hrs and 38 mins to cover about 75 miles, less than 10mph. The lunch check should allow extra time for some to catch back up so that instead of a large time window of riders, we get back to near the start order of 77 mins. This is not an entirely new concept for West Glos. When I was CofC back in the 80's we had a time schedule, and the text 'A long distance reliability and navigational trial' or similar, was always at the top of the regs.


The Championship

The ACU have so far announced the following rounds: to come...
1. Two Rivers LDT - North Devon MC - 31Mar2019 - Results.
2. Wyegate - Us Results are linked above
3. Fred Rist LDT - Neath MC - 7Jul2019. Entries now closed and the club have confirmed they will run!
4. Moor To Sea (Vic Ashford) LDT - West of England MC - 20Oct2019



If any riders would like shots emailed to them then please ask (We took loads more than shown). admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Ben Falconer gets the front in the right place with one of 2 dabs

Steve Kenny was trying for a clean but had his first of 2 5's for the day

Steve Grinter getting his very clean XL dirty

Ray Samways gets everything looking right at the hardest part but still has to plant a dab.

Peter Jones had a solitary dab in the mire.

Phil Marsh, a well respected trials organiser and, I think, a Wyegate first timer.

David Brawn glances left and knows he made the right route choice!

Andy Foot gets away with 3

Anthony Griffiths shows us why so many marks were lost here

Nick Worgan cleans Coed Llifos 2

Max Hawkins on a charge.

LDT 1st timer Stuart Carling had a smile on board all day.

Joe Bendall won the battle of the brothers

Ben Bowkett nursed the little cub around for the finish but gremlins were still lurking this year.

Kev Miller. All LDT facebook group users will appreciate his community tool.

Anthony Griffiths and improvised Blue and Red markers

Chris Morris, another 1st timer, was 3rd Enduro bike in and only just outside the points.

Winner Chris Koch exits Pant-glas Steps with no more marks added to his miserly 4 total.



We did take a few clips this year. They are stitched together below.

There are some videos from previous year's events if you step back through the years using the Wyegate History Page.

On Frank Sweeting's YouTube Vids we found.


Section Statistics

SectionScore IncidenceTot
No.0123510MarksSec. NameAvg
TB on Champ' Rte
2145163040Gurllus Grove1.38
369293055Limekiln 11.9
4101288069Limekiln 22.38
6622811085Coed-Llifos 12.93
7232156082Coed-Llifos 22.93
823500005Coed-Llifos 30.18
9213121016Llandegveth 10.57
10144190033Llandegveth 21.18
1224112009Craig-y-master 10.32
1326110003Craig-y-master 20.11
1420710009Nannies 10.32
15126334041Nannies 21.46
17212131018Pant-glas 10.64
18165331025Pant-glas 20.89
19662131054Devil's Staircase 11.93
20135343038Devil's Staircase 21.36
2324210109French Lane 10.32
24133165048French Lane 21.71
2526100106Forge Wood 10.21
26196021017Forge Wood 20.61
27111385056Forge Wood 32
Rte Tot:38987431377809741.33
P65 on Champ' Rte
24000105Gurllus Grove1
32003009Limekiln 11.8
42101109Limekiln 21.8
600131016Coed-Llifos 13.2
702021013Coed-Llifos 22.6
84001003Coed-Llifos 30.6
93110003Llandegveth 10.6
102111006Llandegveth 21.2
123001108Craig-y-master 11.6
133200002Craig-y-master 20.4
144100001Nannies 10.2
153002006Nannies 21.2
173200002Pant-glas 10.4
183020004Pant-glas 20.8
191202008Devil's Staircase 11.6
203101004Devil's Staircase 20.8
233101004French Lane 10.8
243101004French Lane 20.8
255000000Forge Wood 10
262200107Forge Wood 21.4
272200107Forge Wood 31.4
Rte Tot:6425725901591.22
TB on Std Rte
238296069Gurllus Grove2.46
4240112015Limekiln 20.54
6194032023Coed-Llifos 10.82
7195121060Coed-Llifos 22.14
8157141026Coed-Llifos 30.93
983287066Llandegveth 12.36
10732133061Llandegveth 22.18
12150337050Craig-y-master 11.79
13183313027Craig-y-master 20.96
14188200012Nannies 10.43
15331813094Nannies 23.36
1794357060Pant-glas 12.14
1863568071Pant-glas 22.54
23193042025French Lane 10.89
2428000000French Lane 20
2526001108Forge Wood 10.29
26123418054Forge Wood 21.93
27541126072Forge Wood 32.57
Rte Tot:2977643125103010521.63
Others on Std Rte
200043027Gurllus Grove3.86
44101109Limekiln 21.29
623011011Coed-Llifos 11.57
702311016Coed-Llifos 22.29
840102012Coed-Llifos 31.71
930013018Llandegveth 12.57
1010150017Llandegveth 22.43
1213012016Craig-y-master 12.29
135001108Craig-y-master 21.14
144120005Nannies 10.71
1510033024Nannies 23.43
1712004022Pant-glas 13.14
1810132021Pant-glas 23
234003009French Lane 11.29
246100001French Lane 20.14
254101109Forge Wood 11.29
2611113021Forge Wood 23
2711041018Forge Wood 32.57
Rte Tot:55209403703432.13


Bike/Club Stats

Gas Gas14
Royal Enfield2
West Glos & Dean Forest MCC15
Gloucester & Cotswold6
Cheltenham Home Guard MCC5
Waltham Chase Trials MCC4
Trail Riders Fellowship4
Stroud Valley AC4
Hillingdon & Uxbridge MCC3
West of England Motor Club3
Swindon + District MCC3
Kingswood MCC2
Leamington Victory MC & LCC2
Macclesfield Trials Club2
Zona 12
Devonport & District MCC2
Pathfinders & Derby MC2
Bridport & Weymouth MCC2
The Motor Cycling Club2
Double Five Kent MCC1
Earl Shilton Trials Club1
North Devon Motor Club1
Blood Bike Wales1
Caerphilly & District MC & LCC1
Eastbourne & District MCC1
Barham District MC1
Normandy MCC1
North East London MCC1
North Somerset Motorsports Club1
Reigate & Redhill North Downs MCC1
Taunton MCC1
Yeo Vale MCC1
Merthyr Motor Club1


Pre-event Info

Rod's original text:

Plans for our Wyegate Trial are well underway with the route submitted to The Motorsports Association for authorisation and regs are linked on the right and entries open on Saturday 9th March.

There are some important changes to our trial in 2019.
It will be a time schedule event with time controls at the start, during the event and at the finish and there will be penalties for not keeping to your time.
Only motorcycles complying with The ACU's Trail Bike Championship rules and Pre65's can compete for our premier award, The Wyegate Cup*.
Other motorcycles complying with The ACU's TSR 8 can compete but will not score championship points or be eligible to compete for The Wyegate Cup Other than Pre 65's.
We plan to include some new tougher sections with possibly some exclusive sections for Championship contenders. There may also be a speed test. We don't anticipate 'clean sheets' in 2019!
You will need to be able to navigate yourself around the route with the organisers supplied road book and the time schedule will not encourage the 'follow my leader' type of route finding.
Our trial has never been an easy event and not suited to a beginner but for the regular LDT competitor it'll be a challenging and rewarding test of rider and machine.
The West Glos Club look forward to welcoming our old friends and to making new ones in April.

Rod Jones - Clerk of the Course

What's was New This Year - Rod had outlined virtually everything in his info section above but let's clarify some of the implications: We've made a bold move in changing our rules. The changes were intended to remind competitors that this is a competition and not a trail ride. (Initially Rod said) -You might not be allocated a number near your mate, but won't be far away. But, you will all be riding with friends, just that some of them you will not have met before - Talk to them! (Later relenting for ride-near requests.) We will all be riding on the same Trials Tyres Front and Back. We will all be doing some navigating. We will all be keeping an eye on the time and doing less section inspection if running late. Rod is going to do his darndest to avoid the holdups we had last year. You will get a lunch break at the petrol stop (or maybe an hour's recharge if you are on an electric bike! Don't laugh, the day will come!) We will give you a rough time schedule list for each section so you know how you are doing as you go. You won't be checked on each though. We don't want you to be late, we just don't want our marshals to be waiting around for what has been as much as 5 hours in the past!


Championship Standings - Our best Guess, Unofficial

For the official standings go to the ACU's TB Championship page.

Chris Koch20 20 20  60
Ray Samways15 9 11  35
Kevin Miller10 8 17  35
Martin Gilbert17 17   34
Kevin Stannard13 3 10  26
Ross Mason8   9  17
Andy Foot9 7   16
Julian Page    15  15
Ian Worrall  10 5  15
Mike Hughes  15   15
Gavin Moore    13  13
Joe Bendall  13   13
Henry Bendall  11   11
Adam Colburn11    11
Glyn Smith2   8  10
Ben Falconer3 6   9
Max Hawkins1   6  7
Stuart Thatcher    7  7
Kevin Sheldrick7    7
Richard Fry6    6
Roger Brain5    5
Keith Jenkins  5   5
Mark Rodber4    4
Jerry Walters    4  4
Stephen Kenny  4   4
Peter Joseph    3  3
Andrew De-Merist    2  2
Mark Cameron  2   2
Anthony Griffiths  1   1
0    0