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Stump Wood Hill Climb - August 2007

Words by Colin Jones. Press report by Ben Falconer. Provisional Results

0.84 Seconds separated Steve Biddle from Mike Wells on a beautiful afternoon on our club president's estate. Mike has to watch out behind him in the results as son Aaran pulled off one Fastest Time of the day and was very near to a few more. It was great to see some of our younger members just into adult classes and riding well. Nathan Etheridge was rewarded for his consistency with a 5th overall and if Kingsley and Aaran can remove the odd mistake then what a team we have for the future!

A true fun afternoon was had with many of us getting at least one hill right. Some couldn't get the in-between sections sorted could they Nibbs, but luckily he had a spare bike to finish off the day even if it was as his evil clone in the Enduro class. Speaking of Nibbs, he was the only person who did not improve as the day wore on. However, this was on the Trials bike so it could be that he was loosing power as the rings got more rattled around.

Jerry Walters thought he'd blown his class win away on the first hill of the day looping out and reshaping his rear end, but he still is the man to beat, while consistent Jim Delahay quietly tootled past the rest of us younger ones with no fuss as usual. (Far be it from me to mention that Ben Falconer only beat him by 1.29 seconds!)

Good to see a brace of classic Bultaco Frontera's out, despite the difficulty in setting up carburation Merv persevered while Ben took the safe option of using the Gas Gas.

We think the results are correct now but I need better glasses to read some of the names and bikes - can you help by sending me the corrections - especially Fred Bloggs! admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

More Notes to come.

Ben's Press report: LESS than one second separated winner Steve Biddle from Mike Wells over 16 timed attempts at grassy sprints at the Stump Wood Hill Climb.

And with both cleaning a pair of extra observed sections over four laps, the overall result was decided on pure speed.

Biddle's pace gained from hare and hounds racing success proved just enough to keep Wells, a former winner of this event, at bay - by 0.84 of a second over what amounted to less than eight minutes of racing time.

The only other rider who managed to stay under a 400 second total was Nibbs Adams. It was a fine achievement especially considering he performed a spectacular face-plant between sections, en route to winning the trials class. Not content with taking the trials class victory, Nibbs swapped bikes completed the event again at some speed.

Again, Jerry Walters topped the trail class with a largely tidy ride. It would have been by more than the four second victory margin he maintained, had it not been for an elegant loop-out performed on the first hill, which cost him 30 seconds. Jim Delahay and Peter Neale were not far behind with consistent rides.

The ground was hard and forced most riders in to at least one mistake. Mike Wells' son Aaran crashed twice, which put him well down the order of 30 riders. But he produced some blistering attempts which proved he has the pace to run with the best. His best times from each of the four timed hills were good enough for a "virtual" third overall, although he still lost out to his dad by just over half a second, when only each rider's best performance was totted up. Another youngster, Kingsley Bower, spent a little time off the bike but his best times slotted in right behind Aaron's. More consistent of the young guns was Nathan Etheridge, who took fifth overall. All three showed great promise and plenty of courage.

Thanks to club president Roy Breakwell for the venue, St John's Ambulance Monmouth and all volunteer marshals.


Enduro 1. Steve Biddle (Kawasaki 250) 383.82 seconds; 2. Mike Wells (KTM 400) 384.66; 3. Nibbs Adams (Honda 400) 399.81; 4. J Lawson (Yamaha 250) 413.32.

Trail: 1. Jerry Walters (Yamaha 200) 428.4; 2. Jim Delahay (Honda 230) 432.95; 3. Peter Neale (Honda 230) 435.48.

Trial: 1. Nibbs Adams (Gas Gas 250) 431.38.