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The Rockfield Novice Plus Trial 29 April 2017

Words and pics: Colin.


Darren was Clerk of Course and introduced a new format - Novice Plus - Marked out as an easy Novice Trial with Hard route options (And note Trail and Enduro Bike options so corners will not be too tight!) - We also had the popular Conducted Route too.

Provisional Results are now up on the right.


As our CofC told us at the start riders were allowed to mix and match routes. Generally most were as shown, although some did do a few laps of easy then pushed themselves to tackle the harder route.

I was very impressed with how Brendon bossed the KTM through the hard route sections. Also the Trailbike riders did mostly Hard route but had to miss a few flags where a shorter wheelbase would have helped.

Did anyone else smell the hammering Steve was giving the Tiger Cub? To be fair he was having some good rides through most bits - but that poor clutch when it it went wrong!

My own unexpected height up the results list is down entirely to following Rob Breakwell around for 2 laps and spotting exactly how it should be done. 'Knowing' and 'Doing' are still reasonably separate things though. Rob does know he's not a Novice by the way but we did say we would allow 'Others' to come along and enjoy a ride - a 16 year old bike is no handicap.

A few of us adults finished then went to have a look at what the conducted riders were tackling. Our regular riders are definitely upping their game, with some tough sections in the last group certainly.


If any parents would like shots emailed to them then please ask. admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Staying left to get a good line before dropping down through the gulley by the red flags.

That's it, stand up and get the speed up for the climb.

Three root steps to cross.

Here is the top one, on an angle and a double!